Planning the perfect trip in Napa and Sonoma

If you’ve landed here, you’re thinking of traveling to Sonoma or Napa and the best thing I can offer is… go as soon as you can!  You will be rewarded with rolling hills, gorgeous food, and passionate people.   You’ll find breathtaking scenery filled with vines and hills and you’ll experience magnificent sunrises and sunsets.  Not only are there wine treasures to hunt, there’s amazing food created by some of the most brilliant culinary minds who want nothing more than for you to enjoy a memorable, nourishing dining experience.  When it comes to wine and wine country, I’ve found the most wonderful, big-hearted people dedicated to a craft centuries old that will inspire and amaze you.

Rutherford AVA


This is a place to connect.  A place to rekindle.  A place to be renewed. 

For Love of the Vine was created to help you plan the perfect getaway. I’ve compiled (and continue to compile) resources here for planning your own Napa or Sonoma travel, created to fulfill your every wish, even those you don’t know you have yet!